"I went to my doctor over 5 times in a two-week time frame because I was having horrific pains in my jaw. I couldn't eat, I could hardly talk, I was on Vicoden for the constant throbbing pain and Flexoril for muscle spasms. When I read online that I might have TMJ and that some people had more luck visiting an experienced massage therapist over their doctor, I made an appointment with WenD and I wasn't disappointed! I had one visit and was surprised that after only spent 15-30 minutes working on different muscles on my face, I felt better almost immediately. I really appreciate her taking the time to explain to me what was going on and what I should avoid. I hadn't gotten answers that clear from my doctor! She showed me the many different techniques that I could do myself, or with the help of my husband to keep my jaw muscles loose. It's made all the difference in the world! I can't thank you enough!" —Lauren


"I HAVE to share this little tidbit with you, as you are some of my friends who are all expecting!!!! I have had the opportunity to receive both a full-body swedish massage, as well as prenatal massages at a local spa.  There really is no reason to complain when someone is rubbing your back— I'll take a back rub anyday!!!

BUT, I had the most amazing prenatal massage from a woman who works in Temple, and it was like NO OTHER back rub I had ever received.  I left there feeling amazing.  I recommended her to another friend, who is due to deliver on the 14th, this week.  She was having a lot of pain and made an appointment to see WenD. When I saw her today, she said it was great!  She even said that she had seen a masseuse out at Skin Deep and that WenD's massage and body work was so much better. " — JENNY


"Back N Motion gets results!  I'm a nationally competitive water-skier and mountain biker.  No stranger to exercise, health and fitness, I was at my wits end with muscle fatigue and cramping during cross country mountain bike  races.  During the latter part of the races I would either get hamstring or quad cramps (and sometimes both) so severe it would just about force me off the bike. This was so frustrating because I have the cardio and strength to continue riding hard.  I tried many other things with no results. By mid season, I began seeing WenD for treatments one to two days a week between races.  Immediately the cramping improved and was non-existent within 3 weeks.   With the help from WenD at Back N Motion, I won the State Championship and will be competing at the Nationals this summer. " — Paul

Just a line to say thanks for the massage at the retreat Saturday. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a massage. You made my dream come true. I felt so relaxed Saturday. I was able to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep without taking something to help me sleep. Thank you so very much.

Sincerely, Loretta Waller


I am an avid cyclist riding both mountain bikes and road bikes. I work in an electrical warehouse that requires frequent bending and heavy lifting. I am writing this letter concerning the therapeutic work of WenD McCartt, the proprietor of Back N Motion and practitioner of Myomassology.

When I first visited WenD, I was having a sharp pain in my lower back. Usually, it would occur when I would stand bending over for a while or when I would straighten up. Also, when I would go for a fast-paced ride, my back would bother me much more for the next few days.

After seeing WenD for approximately ten to twelve weeks, I am no longer having the pain occurring in my back. I feel that she will be able to help you with your problem, if not completely alleviate your pain.

Sincerely Yours, David Gifford


I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful person. People like you are hard to find nowadays! Michael and I have been having a lot of problems lately, due to stress of this job. But a half hour with you, and I feel like I can take on the world again! You are truly the sweetest person I have ever met, and I just wanted to tell you that what you do for people is incredible. Some people forget that they are the most important part of their lives and take themselves for granted. More people should be made aware of the services you provide and how you can help relieve the stress from their lives!

Thank you again for the massage, and I know this is not much, but I needed to let you know how much you have given me the strength to continue and hopefully save a wonderful marriage!

Love Always, Sharon


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